Meet The Maker: I&You Ceramics


Hi Irina, tell us about your discipline and where you are based?

Hi, My name is Irina Yudina and I am a ceramicist based in Barcelona, Spain. I own a brand of handmade ceramics called I&You Ceramics and also I am a co-founder of ceramic space Bcn Clay Studio where I offer pottery classes and workshops.


What's your pelican story – what inspired you to start out in design?

I was working as a graphic designer for 5 years in an agency and in my spare time I was practising pottery – only a hobby at the time. Two years ago I left the office to pursue my dream of being a full time ceramicist.

I was tired of the virtual world of computers and needed to do something more “real” with timeless value. 


As a maker/ designer, do you have any questions you ask yourself before making a new piece or launching a new line? 

I usually start with something that inspires me and then keep on prototyping. I play with forms and colours, always trying to reach a perfect balance between beauty and functionality. 

Which direction do you see yourself going in the future?

I would like to make bigger projects for restaurants or coffee places. To think through the whole concept and design a unique set of tableware.

What are the ingredients for great design and what's really exciting you at the moment in design?

In my opinion good design should evoke emotions. It should be human and timeless. 

ceramics 2.jpg

Who inspires you creatively outside of homewares and design?

I am feeling very inspired by travelling. Sometimes by the rhythm of big cities or other times the quiet life of the countryside. I like discovering new places and just wandering the streets pretending to be local and imagining what it would be like if I lived there. 

If you weren't a maker/designer, what would you be doing?

In another life, I would be a movie director. That was one of my teenage dreams!

Favourite cities, places or people for inspiration?
My favourite city and my infinite inspiration is Barcelona! Every day I feel so grateful to have an opportunity to see the sun almost every day of the year and to live among very kind people. The second city where I could see myself living would be Berlin. I am impressed by its cultural life and crazy energy.

Can’t live without…  

My pottery wheel. When I am not throwing I feel incomplete.


Should live without… 

Remorse and feeling the guilt of not doing enough.

Any final thoughts? 

I am so excited that we’re living in this time of artisan revival. I am grateful to be surrounded by this new wave of independent ceramists – bringing life to this ancient craft and helping people understand the value of handmade objects.

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