Isay Weinfeld, An Architect from Brazil

Isay Weinfeld, An Architect from Brazil


Isay Weinfeld is one of the most sought-after architects of our contemporary era and a true visionary.  The Brazilian architect’s works are characterised by glass and concrete, dark wood shades and soft colour accents: all elements of a unique brand of distinguished restraint. Weinfeld thinks of a building as a complete artwork that needs to be not just functional but beautiful.

Isay Weinfeld is a volume dedicated to an architect who rarely discusses his own work. Featuring over 50 iconic projects: from the garden apartments of 360 in São Paulo that blend city landscape with natural surroundings to shelves and spaces of Alameda Lorena’s Livrarie da Vila bookshop to the indoor gardens and bronze-covered private spaces of La Petite Afrique in Monte Carlo.  Includes previously unpublished photographs and detailed floor plans.

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