Soap dish - red handpainted

Soap dish - red handpainted


ROCKY M. is designed by OBAStudios, and handmade in the Christophorus workshops in Fürstenwalde where more than 420 employees work in this recognised workshop for people with disabilities.

ROCKY M. is made of stoneware that is high-fired to create a durable glazed ceramic. Each piece is unique, irregularities in glaze and clay are therefore a characteristic.

The design of this soap dish has been inspired by the mountain chain and it allows the soap bar to touch only on a few points and can therefore dry quickly.

Available in multiple colours:
Grey, aegean blue, black, mint, pastel pink, rainforest, turquoise, white, white speckled and red hand painted.

  • 16 x 92 x 64 mm

  • Glazed Stoneware

  • Packaging is made of cardboard (100% biodegradable) Eco-friendly, durable material

  • Hand-painted


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Soap dish - white speckled 1-RM-white-with-dots.jpg

Soap dish - white speckled

Soap dish - white 2-RM-white.jpg

Soap dish - white

Soap dish - turquoise 2-RM-turquoise-mix.jpg

Soap dish - turquoise

Soap dish - rainforest 2-RM-rainforest.jpg

Soap dish - rainforest

Soap dish - pastel pink 2-RM-pastel-pink-a.jpg

Soap dish - pastel pink